About Couture Technologies

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Our Mission

Couture Technologies exists to help brands embrace the digital revolution and changing consumer behaviors in ways that allow them to not only survive, but thrive.

For our team members, Couture exists to provide bright minds with the opportunity to work together to build tools that solve complex business and technological challenges that have the potential to change the way entire industries operate.

Meet the Leadership Team

Deanna Meador

3 Time Entrepreneur with Successful Exits

Marcelino Cancio-Rodríguez

PhD Computer Scientist and Inventor

Danny Pippin

Formerly with Buckle, Pac Sun, Lucky Brand & Billy Reid

Our Commitment

Couture Technologies is committed to using technology for good, turning the experiences customers dream about into reality, cutting down on the amount of apparel that ends up in landfills, and ensuring people leave the house, or jump on a video chat, in clothing that fits.

Why People Love Our Tech

My brand did not experience a single return over 3 months when we piloted Couture’s virtual try on technology with our signature Flux jumpsuit.
- Maria Silver
E-commerce is the future of fashion and the only thing holding it back is sizing and fit. I am excited about the future of virtual try on and what Couture is building.
- Kevin Z.
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Couture Tech is the real deal with the most cutting edge tech on the market.

– Florella

I STRONGLY recommend Couture Tech to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online clothing business. This is the future!

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– David

– Danielle

– Jennifer

– Tina

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Returns are everyone’s nemesis. Even small decreases are extremely impactful to the bottom line.

Tools are needed that can translate the in-store experience online. Customers are demanding this and brands need to adapt to survive.

The high rate of returns is the most valuable challenge to solve in the apparel industry.

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