CT CEO Deanna Meador Presents to Sold-out Crowd during Nashville Design Week

Couture Technologies’ CEO Deanna Meador presented tonight alongside BBMS Founder Maria Silver and OnPoint Manufacturing’s President David Prentice to a sold-out crowd during Nashville’s Design Week’s showcase Sustainability in Fashion: Challenges and Proposed Solutions.

As environmental impacts in the fashion industry increase exponentially each year, sustainable strategies are not just a trend and competitive edge, but a business imperative. If we do not preserve our resources now and enable a more mindful consumerism, we may not have anything left to create with in the future. This not only encompasses fair labor, sustainable business practices and materials, but also fostering patterns of consumption and use. In short, it is not about the product but the whole life cycle and system within fashion. So, the question is- how can we change as an industry? And if you’re a designer or company just now learning about sustainability- where do you start?

To learn more, visit Nashville Design Week.

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