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Reduce Returns
Increase Conversions
Improve Customer Loyalty
Decrease Textile Waste

Fit issues are the no. 1 reason for returns

  • Apparel is returned 3X more often than the two nearest categories—electronics and footwear.
  • Last year, these returns cost U.S. apparel brands a discouraging $100B+ dollars, roughly one-third of their total revenue (including brick and mortar sales).

  • Over 5 billion pounds of textile waste is sent to landfills annually.

Retail industry experts suggest the problem will only worsen, projecting the return rate will increase 95% by 2025. That means more retailer dollars lost on returns, more textiles in landfills, and more unhappy customers.

No more guessing or size charts. 

CTFit is a comprehensive Virtual Try-On platform that provides real results:

Unlike the paper doll approach or outdated size recommendation tools, CTFit empowers customers to select their preferred fit and know with the confidence that when items arrive on their doorstep it will fit the same way it fit on their virtual avatar.

At Couture Technologies, we believe it isn’t about size but rather about Fit. Our CTFit platform offers a suite of products designed to empower a brand to offer virtual try-on to its customers. These technologies generate powerful customer experience insights that can be used to deliver a truly personalized and memorable customer experience.

— Deanna Meador, CEO

How it Works

Garment Digitization

Authentic 3D virtual garments that accurately reflect products that exist in real life. These can be built using anything from photos and text descriptions to dim specs and .dxf files.

Website Integration

Integrate innovative try-on technology directly into eCommerce Websites for a seamless, customized shopping experience, with only 3 lines of code. No App to download.

Reduce Returns & Cart Abandonment

Imagine your customers feeling confident that their purchase will look and fit exactly they way they wanted. Reducing cart abandonment, returns, and increasing conversions.

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The Couture Technologies Difference

Avatar Creation

Customers can easily create a personal virtual avatar, using a choice of three different methods of avatar creation: taking photos, using measurements, or indicating their average size in well-known brands.

Full Outfit Styling

By allowing customers to combine pieces into full outfits, this technology helps to reduce the number of online returns while increasing overall cart values, thus reducing brands’ costs and improving their margins.

Virtual Closet

The ‘virtual closet' allows customers to style full outfits with new collection releases alongside items they’ve recently purchased to improve customer retention and build brand trust.

Garment Digitization

Garment digitization is simple, easy, and accurate and can be done using 2D pattern files, dim sheets, photos, tech packs, or physical garments.

The Right Fit,
the First Time.


Fit Visualizer is a website add-on that allows an apparel brand to quickly integrate virtual try on technology so their customers can visualize exactly how an item or even a full outfit will look and fit on their body.


Our proprietary FitMap allows customers to see where an item will fit loose or tight on their body and make the fit choice that aligns with their personal fit preferences.


The FitStation provides apparel shoppers with a contactless kiosk to build their avatar while shopping in-person. They can then carry this avatar with them to their home and continue their shopping experience online.

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