What is Fit Visualizer?

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Fit Visualizer

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Digitizing Your Apparel

Implementing the Fit Visualizer begins with digitization. Couture Technologies uses a proprietary, automated process to build stunningly authentic virtual versions of your garments. If you don’t have digital pattern files for your pieces, no worries! CT can work with whatever your brand has and you can use the digital files Couture creates to start building your brand’s digital library. You can offer virtual try on for all of your pieces or just your ‘special buys’.

Not ready to implement virtual try on, but need 3D digital files for your pieces? Couture Technologies can help

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Integrating with Your Website and Stores

The Fit Visualizer integrates easily with any website with only 3 lines of code, including those built using Shopify, WOO Commerce, or WordPress. Don’t want to distract your technical team? Couture can handle the integration for you and all fonts, colors, and icons can be customized for a seamless look. Integration can typically happen the same day once your garments are digitized.

For in-store applications, customers can try on pieces on their mobile phone or your associates can use a tablet to provide a concierge experience. An associate can pull up or create a customer’s avatar and then show the customer individual pieces or full outfits and how they will fit in different sizes. Our tool allows associates with minimal training to style customers with ease. With fitting rooms currently closed in many locations around the world, this is a chance for your customers to still have that try-on experience.

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Access ‘Fast Data’ to Track Your Customers’ Experiences

Access to real-time dashboards that provide rich customer experience and engagement data are included with Fit Visualizer adoption. Seeing your customers’ size profiles, what pieces they try on together, what sizes they try on, what sizes they ultimately buy, what items they share via text or on social media, and much more. Dashboards are modular and can be customized to showcase the data that is most important to you and your team.

Not ready to implement virtual try on, but want a custom dashboard for data your brand already collects or a custom product recommendation algorithm? Couture Technologies can help. 

Use this data to recommend hyper-relevant pieces for your customers based on the items they try on together and people of similar body profiles and style preferences try on together.

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Pricing Options for
All Brands

Getting started couldn’t be easier. A One-Time inegration fee covers the Fit Visualizer set up on your website. A Low per-garment fee covers digitizing the garments you want you customers to try on virtually. This can be done for your entire collection or a small subset. 


Pay Per Try On

For brands that want to pay only when their associates or customers utilize the Fit Visualizer, a pay-per-try on option is offered. This option costs nothing upfront besides the setup and integration fee and is billed at the end of each month based on actual customer usage.

Annual Fee

For brands that want to utilize Fit Visualizer all year for a set fee, the annual pricing option is for you. Annual fee is based on the average amount of traffic your brand receives. 

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